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She is over 20,000 years old (both Washu and Ryoko count their ages in Standard Galactic years, which are roughly 2½ Earth years), the mother of Ryoko, creator of the Soja and Ryo-Ohki, and one of the three Choshin goddesses along with Tsunami and Tokimi. But in order to solve the riddle of creating someone more powerful than the Chousin, Washu-kami-sama chose to seal up her powers and memories in the three gems (which were later given to Ryoko) and became mortal to analyze the mysteries of the universe. These gems have the "same quality and power" as the Juraian trees, and are capable of sustaining the youth of a Juraian such as Yosho.
Washu, during her lifetime, also gave birth naturally to a child of her own; the child, whose name is Mikumo Kuramitsu, is actually Mihoshi Kuramitsu's great-grandfather. However, because the father came from the prestigious Kuramitsu family, both he and the baby were taken away. Out of grief, Washu chose never to deal with these adult manners again and altered her body to that of a pre-adolescent girl, although Washu is able to return to her adult form if she wishes to. Washu was locked away by her assistant, Kagato, for 5,000 years until she was freed by Mihoshi.

After Kagato's defeat, Washu moved into the Masaki house and has made Tenchi her research project, the latter much to Tenchi's chagrin. Aloof yet down to earth, she balances the household and dispels most of the chaos.

*Disclaimer: Do you really think I'm Washu? I didn't think so. The bio above is credited to the wonderful world of Wikipedia!
Washu belongs to AIC & Pioneer and her rightful creators and stuff. It's all in fun. Kristen Bell is not affiliated with this either, she's just a PB.*
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